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Positively transforming how we think about energy.

Join a growing community of people turning energy into income. Become a Think+ Energy Advisor and get paid for spreading the word about the benefits of Think Energy.

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Why are so many people choosing Think Energy?

Clean Energy

We offset 100% of your electricity consumption with renewable energy certificates produced by wind, solar, and hydro resources.

Competitive Fixed Rates

We offer competitively priced electricity products where you pay the same fixed rate throughout the term of the contract.

Cash Back Rebate

We provide you with a cash rebate of up to $25 per year of service at the end of your contract term if you paid more for electricity with Think Energy.

Energy Savings

We empower you to save money with monthly cash rebates of up to 100% of your Think Energy electricity supply charges.

Share the benefits and enjoy the rewards.

It starts with a few friends and the power of Think Energy’s unique benefits.

Get $20 for every customer you sign up. Then get paid when those customers refer other customers. As the customers you’ve referred use our energy month after month, you get paid over and over again and again. View our Think+ Compensation Plan to learn just how rewarding sharing positive energy can be.

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We make sharing simple, fun, and rewarding.

We all love sharing good news, and with Think+ we make it easy to get paid for spreading the word about sustainable energy.

Become an Energy Advisor for only $129, and an annual renewal fee of $99 per year. Get access to all the tools you need:

  • Personalized website to accept enrollments and build your network of referrals
  • Live and online training
  • Expert advice from successful leaders in our Think+ community
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Think+ is different from other business opportunities.

Low investment, low risk

Think+ Membership is only $129 upfront and $99 per year. No expensive start up costs or franchise fees.

Everyone uses energy

It’s not just a luxury, it’s a necessity. We’re simply helping our friends make a better choice on something they already buy every month.

No typical business headaches

Nothing to store or inventory. No overhead or employees. No franchise fees or big upfront expenses.

Start your journey as a Think+ Energy Advisor today.

Sign up when you’re ready to power positive change in your life, your community and our world. It’s much more than just selling energy. Together, we’re empowering a community with the power to transform lives.

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